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• Retail Loss Prevention • Lower Insurance Costs

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CCTV – Video Security

CCTV has proven itself to be a valuable business tool in preventing losses arising from any imaginable activity. Video Security evolves at a rapid pace and with the growing proliferation of fixed and mobile solutions it has become more affordable and indispensable for business to be protected.

Business Security Starts With You.

The right camera for the right application:

Dome Cameras have a sleek design and popular with restaurants, retial stores, and offices. Usually mounted to the ceiling, but models with a 3-axis gimbal can also be mounted to the wall. Available in both indoor and outdoor models.
Brick Cameras,  also referred to as box cameras, are popular among business and home owners due to flexibility among different applications. Housings and lenses are available seperately for various applications.
IR Bullet Cameras  are great for day and night use thanks to the IR LEDs that turn on automatically. Simply solution for systems using only one type of camera.
Outdoor Cameras  have weatherproof housing to protect them from the elements.
Infrared Cameras  have IR LEDs that illuminate the cameras view in the dark.

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When you can’t be there 24 hours…

We will analyze your needs and make sure you review the system that is customized to your location and business needs. We will train you on the operation of your video security system so you can get the most out of your cctv investment.